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We were in the water damage restoration and mold remediation business (with SERVPRO) for many years until it was clear that our passion and expertise was in mold testing, air quality testing and post-remediation mold testing.

We pivoted and launched Dallas Mold Consultants – using our extensive experience with the “before and after” of mold problems to offer our valued clients specialized mold solutions.

We often recognize the cause of a problem, so that our clients only have to have remediation done once, rather than multiple rounds if the underlying cause isn’t found and addressed by less experienced technicians.

At Dallas Mold Consultants, we specialize in mold inspection & advanced mold testing, writing mold remediation protocols and performing post remediation clearance testing for residential and commercial properties.

If you have had recent water damage, notice odors around your property, or can see signs of mold, then you should get your property inspected and tested for mold immediately. Undetected mold can grow and cause serious damage to your property and pose health risks.

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Want To Check Your Property For Possible Indoor Air Contamination?

About Us

Dallas Mold Consultants is a mold consulting company providing advanced Mold Testing to check if you have a mold problem. We help uncover the extent of any mold damage or infestation and advise you on the most appropriate solution to get your property back to normal, safe conditions. We do not offer mold remediation services. We provide the testing procedures and post-remediation testing to ensure that any remediation work was done properly and completely from your Dallas, TX area home or business.


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