Mold Testing Services

At Dallas Mold Consultants, we conduct mold testing, write protocols for mold remediation and perform Post remediation clearance testing.

Here’s an overview of our mold testing service at Dallas Mold Consultants

We carry out a thorough investigation of your property to identify the type of mold and the airborne mold spore concentration.

We collect surface contact swabs samples, attic/basement samples and wall cavity air samples.

We send the samples to an independent laboratory licensed by TDLR for Mold Analysis.

Results are usually ready within 24-48 hours.

We provide a report that includes our findings, photos, lab results and recommendations for remediation.

We can provide a referral to one or more mold removal and mold remediation companies and provide the post-remediation testing and certification.

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If you had recent water damage, notice a strange smell or are feeling sick with some unusual symptoms, it could be an underlying mold or indoor air quality issue. The right thing is to get mold testing done to ascertain the exact condition of your property and prevent further potential health hazards.

At Dallas Mold Consultants, our main goal is offering our clients the best environmental testing services in Dallas. 

We can effectively identify and evaluate potential hazards in your property. Our reports are straightforward and results-driven, and recommend the best and most cost-effective solutions.

We’ll carry out a visual inspection to uncover apparent mold symptoms and verify things by taking air quality & surface contact swabs samples to be sent to a third party laboratory licensed by TDLR for Mold Analysis. If the consultant considers it necessary, other air samples or swab samples may be taken, subject to the approval of the client.

All of our mold assessments are conducted by Counsel Certified Indoor Environmentalists (CIE) Licensed with the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR) as a Mold Assessment Consultant (MAC).

Protocols and Post Remediation Clearance Testing

The first key step to solving your mold problem is having your property inspected and tested by mold testing experts. At Dallas Mold Consultants, we have a team of highly qualified and experienced technicians to analyze your property and detect wherever mold might be lurking!

Want To Check Your Property For Possible Indoor Air Contamination?

About Us

Dallas Mold Consultants is a mold consulting company providing advanced Mold Testing to check if you have a mold problem. We help uncover the extent of any mold damage or infestation and advise you on the most appropriate solution to get your property back to normal, safe conditions. We do not offer mold remediation services. We provide the testing procedures and post-remediation testing to ensure that any remediation work was done properly and completely from your Dallas, TX area home or business.


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