At Dallas Mold Consultants, we provide mold inspections, mold testing, air quality testing and post-remediation testing to ensure your property is mold-free and air quality is healthy. 

Home Inspection/Air Quality Testing

If you are considering buying a home and your home inspection found visual signs of mold, (or have had recent water damage at your property) the next thing you want to do is to check if you have a mold problem that needs remediation. Unchecked, undetected mold can destroy the value of your property and cause health hazards.

We don’t want any of that to happen to anyone and this is where our Home Inspection and Air Quality Testing Services come in handy.

We perform inspections for new home buyers or those who are concerned about the air quality (AQ) in their home. We will inspect for any signs of water damage, use a thermal imaging camera to identify any potential moisture sources, and we can run air samples and take them to a lab for analysis.

During the Air Quality Testing we’ll collect all necessary samples to be sent to a licensed third party lab for analysis so that we can have a full picture of the problem and determine the best way to solve it, and whether you need remediation.

Our Mold Inspection and Testing Will...

Protocol For Mold Remediation

Once the results are returned from the lab, we analyze the results and compile our report. We will advise you on the best solution based on the test results and analysis. Our advice will be purely based on the lab results; we have no conflict of interest since we do NOT perform any mold remediation or mold removal services.

We will proceed to write a Mold Remediation Protocol Report (“scope of work”) which provides detailed instructions and guidance for a Licensed Remediation Contractor to follow when working on the remediation.

Since we don’t perform mold remediation or removal, and due to our extensive experience in the area, we can recommend a licensed remediation contractor we are confident will do a great job or you can simply collect the written remediation protocol and go ahead to hire any contractor of your choice.
It’s really that simple!

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Post Remediation Clearance Testing

Post Remediation Clearance Testing occurs after the mold remediation process has been completed, but BEFORE any reconstruction work takes place. At Dallas Mold Consultants, we carry out a thorough inspection of the previously affected areas to verify that all removal and cleaning procedures have been followed according to the protocol.

We collect mold samples in the remediated areas and send them to the lab to verify that the property has been truly and properly cleared. Once we have proof that the remediation is successful, we will issue you a written Certificate of Mold Damage Remediation (CMDR).

The report will include the following:

Additionally, if you hired a licensed Mold Remediation Contractor (MRC) to perform the remediation, you will get a Certificate of Mold Damage Remediation on a form adopted by the Texas Commissioner of Insurance. The certificate is your legal documentation that your property has undergone a mold remediation and that it has been successfully completed.

 In Texas, Mold Remediation is regulated by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation and Mold Assessors and Remediators Occupational Code.

The Texas Department of Insurance Certificate of Mold Damage Remediation is available to a client who uses a licensed Mold Assessment Consultant to provide a written remediation protocol and post remediation clearance as well as getting the remediation work done by a licensed Mold Remediation Contractor.

If you decide to sell your property within five years after it was remediated, you are required to notify the potential buyer in the disclosure section that there was mold damage, and the Certificate of Mold Damage Remediation is your proof it was taken care of professionally.

According to Section 1958.154 of the Mold Assessors and Remediators Occupational Code, item (b):

 If a property owner sells the property, the property owner shall provide to the buyer a copy of each Certificate of Mold Damage Remediation issued for the property under this section during the five years preceding the date the property owner sells the property.

You can find full information about the rules here.

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Dallas Mold Consultants is a mold consulting company providing advanced Mold Testing to check if you have a mold problem. We help uncover the extent of any mold damage or infestation and advise you on the most appropriate solution to get your property back to normal, safe conditions. We do not offer mold remediation services. We provide the testing procedures and post-remediation testing to ensure that any remediation work was done properly and completely from your Dallas, TX area home or business.


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