Dallas Company Highlights the Signs of a Possible Mold Infestation

Dallas Mold Consultants, a mold consulting company, provides advanced mold testing to determine if mold issues are present in a home or building. The team works to identify the extent of any mold damage or infestation and to offer advice about the most appropriate solution to restore a property to a safe, healthy condition. Being a third-party testing firm, Dallas Mold Consultants does not offer mold remediation services. They provide independent, unbiased testing procedures and post-remediation testing to ensure that any remediation work was performed properly and thoroughly for the Dallas area home or business.

mold inspection

The following nine signs can help property owners know if they need to have a professional third-party moisture and mold test performed at their home or business.

Mold is observed growing inside the home or building.

While mold grows everywhere in the environment, it should not be thriving inside occupied buildings. Dallas Mold Consultants helps property owners determine if what looks like mold is mold. They also identify the type or types of mold in the home or building and provide strategies on how to safely remove the mold.

Where mold issues create a health concern, the test reports are useful for health care professionals to use diagnostically. The detailed reports may provide repair recommendations should the services of a mold remediation contractor be needed.

A musty or moldy odor is detected and is stronger when the windows and doors are closed.

Since mold spores are microscopic, mold odor is often smelled before the mold is seen. Performing a mold inspection at the first smell of mold may help prevent damage to the building and save on repairs.

A homeowner is buying or moving into a new or existing home or building.

When buying or moving into a property, determine if mold and moisture problems exist before finalizing the deal. Do not sign escrow papers or a lease until a mold consultant inspects the structure to ensure mold and moisture issues do not exist.

A water leak has occurred recently in the home, building, or apartment.

Mold needs a damp, moist environment in which to grow, and a water leak over the period of a few days is adequate for mold to start growing. Quickly repairing the water leak and drying the affected areas is crucial to preventing mold infestation. A mold consultant can assess the extent of the damage with moisture mapping technology. As a third-party inspector, he or she can document and validate the performance of the water damage restoration company.

Asthma or allergies intensify when inside the home or building.

Mold, a common indoor allergen, can stimulate allergies or asthma. If allergies or asthma intensifies inside the home, office, or apartment, mold may be the culprit even though it may not be visible or detected by the nose. In addition to mold testing, mold consultants may perform allergen testing for dander, dust mites, rats, mice, and cockroaches.

Condensation is observed on the inside of windows, and the building feels damp.

Window condensation encourages mold growth. A mold inspection can discover the source of the indoor condensation and provide a course of action to reduce interior moisture levels.

If the environment inside the building feels damp or moist, a mold consultant can validate the initial perception, locate any moisture problems, and recommend paths to prevent mold growth.

Mold is discovered on furniture or in closets.

The backs of furniture pushed up against the wall is a favorite hiding place for mold. Closets are colder and have limited ventilation, making them another prime place for mold growth.

Water puddles up against the home or building.

Pooling water from rain or from sprinklers next to the exterior of the home or business can seep through the outer wall, penetrate the wall cavity, and eventually damage the inside walls. Seepage and wicking are slow processes, but the constant presence of water means the processes are always in progress.

Indoor pets have been ill.

Animals can be a barometer of indoor air quality. Some animals can have a negative response to indoor mold sooner and more intensely than humans.

mold inspection

Any of these situations may indicate the need to have a mold inspection or testing. Mold can cause serious physical illness and reduce the quality of life. For more information about mold issues, visit the Dallas Mold Consultants website at dallasmoldconsultants.com. Contact the office by phone at (972) 945-6653.

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Dallas Mold Consultants is a mold consulting company providing advanced Mold Testing to check if you have a mold problem. We help uncover the extent of any mold damage or infestation and advise you on the most appropriate solution to get your property back to normal, safe conditions. We do not offer mold remediation services. We provide the testing procedures and post-remediation testing to ensure that any remediation work was done properly and completely from your Dallas, TX area home or business.


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