How To Hire The Right Mold Testing Company In Dallas TX

Mold infestation can cause considerable damage to your property especially if you don’t act on time to abate its spread and growth. Worse, extensive mold problems can be extremely detrimental to your health and your loved ones. Mold releases microscopic spores that cause allergic reactions, runny nose, and sneezing. In fact, a large outbreak of mold can produce irritating and musky odor. 

If you’re worried about your indoor air quality, the next thing you want to do is reach out to a mold testing expert to determine the possible existence of mold growth in your property.

In this post, you are going to learn about the key factors to consider when looking to hire a mold testing company in Dallas TX.

But before we get into that,

What is Mold?

Mold is a type of fungus found almost everywhere, both indoor and outdoor. These small organisms can be black, white, green, purple or orange. Molds naturally thrive on moistures and reproduce through microscopic spores that travel by the air. You can find them at home in locations such as bathroom, basement, water damaged walls, and anywhere moisture accumulates.

Many people seem to dread black mold the most. This is quite understandable because Black mold is extremely hazardous to human health. However, it isn’t just about which mold is more harmful. The truth is, molds are generally invasive whether they’re black or not. 

It’s good to detect mold earlier before it snowballs into a more serious problem.

What are the common symptoms of indoor mold growth?

Sometimes, it can be hard to discover when there’s an ongoing mold growth in your home or office. You may not see or smell it. Meanwhile, your property may be possibly harboring mold if you experience any of the following symptoms:

·   Allergic conditions, such as coughing and sneezing

·   Unusual and persistent headache

·   Pulmonary issues, such as abnormal breathing

·   Other health problems which may include throat or skin irritation, fatigue, runny nose, itchy eyes, and so on.  

You should consider an immediate mold inspection if you notice any sign of mold infestation. 

What is Mold Inspection?  

Mold testing is typically preceded by mold inspection. When you smell, see or notice any of the symptoms highlighted earlier. The appropriate thing to do is to arrange for experts to inspect your property. They can help you determine if there’s ongoing mold growth.

Mold inspection involves a thorough visual examination of a property. A thermal imaging camera, moisture meter or the combination of the two is deployed throughout the operation. Once the growth and the locations are discovered, the testing procedure can then commence. Air and surface mold samples are collected. And delivered to an independent microbiology laboratory for analysis.

What is Mold Testing?  

Mold testing involves the scientific process of determining the existence of mold growth, type of mold, and the extent of mold spore concentration in the air you’re breathing. Mold testing is very important as it helps to assess the level of mold infestation in order to determine the best approach to handle the situation.

To evaluate the presence of mold in your property. The mold testing company collects a number of samples which are submitted to a reliable lab. Examples of common samples are:

Wall cavity air samples: These samples are used to examine how mold has affected the air quality inside the ceiling or wall cavity.  

Ambient airborne mold spore samples: They use these samples to test the quality of air in the breathing space of a room.

Surface samples: These samples are collected to determine the impact of mold on materials within the space of inspection.

How relevant are the lab results?

The lab results will determine the next course of action you’re going to take. The results reveal the species of mold that are present. And the quantity of each of them. Gaining relevant insight into the situation, a certified testing consultant can guide you on the next thing to do. For example, they can tell whether you need a mold removal protocol or a professional mold remediation.

Important Factors To Consider When Hiring A Mold Testing Company In Dallas TX

You should look out for the following qualities in the company you’re hiring for mold testing:

Integrity: Integrity is the hallmark of any business relationship. You should try and investigate the integrity of any company you’re hiring to conduct mold testing on property. Are they people of integrity? Can you trust their assessment?

Working with biased and dishonest people can cost you a lot. You want to work with consultants that would be upfront about their examination process. They must be able to give appropriate recommendations based on the outcome of the test.

Professionalism: When hiring a mold testing consultant, you should be sure that they were truly trained to do the job. There are many half-baked consultants out there. Therefore, you should be careful not to fall into their hands.

Before you hire a company, you should make sure they’re experts in the field. They should be certified by relevant environmental regulatory bodies. Such consultants must be able demonstrate professionalism all through the process.

Experience: Experience is key when undertaking a technical job such as mold testing. Experienced consultants have a better understanding of how to go about the process. They’ve gained wide knowledge over the years having worked on different projects. This is the right kind of consultant to consider when looking for a mold testing service.Mold testing is an essential step towards making your home and business mold-free and safe for everyone. You should consider Dallas Mold Consultants if you need experienced mold testing experts in Dallas TX. They’ve got the experience, skills and integrity to deliver a best-in-class service.

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