Five Things to Know About Mold and Air Quality Tests in Dallas

Mold is a common problem for home and business owners. It grows rapidly—often over the course of 24 to 48 hours in a damp environment—and poses a serious health hazard if not detected and removed quickly. Dallas Mold Consultants of Dallas, Texas, is one of the leading mold testing companies for finding mold before it damages a person’s home or health.

Dallas Mold Consultants’ innovative mold inspection process uses an air quality test and contact swab sampling to make a mold assessment. This process test quickly identifies potential mold hazards. The professional mold testing team then recommends affordable solutions to get rid of damaging mold.

Five Things to Know About Mold and the Importance of an Air Quality Test

Mold needs moisture to grow. The hot and humid climate of Texas makes it the perfect breeding ground for mold. Many homes and businesses in Dallas, TX, are susceptible to mold regardless of whether they’ve experienced leaks or floods. Following are some reasons people should take mold seriously and use professional mold testing services to find harmful fungus. 

#1: Mold is Dangerous

Mold exposure can cause several health conditions. It often leads to wheezing, itchy skin, and eye irritation. People can have more serious symptoms, including allergic reactions, fungal infections, and asthma. There is no blood test for mold, so people need to use mold testing services to detect it in the environment.

#2: Mold Can Damage Property

Mold is a living fungus that feeds on materials like paper, wood, drywall, and fabrics. If left untreated, it can cause walls, floors, and ceilings to rot beyond repair. Most insurance doesn’t cover mold damage caused by preventable water leaks or flooding. Since mold can cause damage very quickly, building owners need to get a mold assessment following any water damage.

#3: Mold Can Spread Through Air Conditioning and Heating Systems

Mold is commonly found in damp environments like basements and bathrooms. However, it also can spread to an HVAC system and, from there, throughout a building. The Environmental Protection Agency urges building owners to have an industrial hygienist clean ventilation systems affected by mold.

4. You Can’t Always See Mold       

Mold spores are tiny particles that float through the air unseen. They grow into mold when they land on a damp surface. However, before they settle, people can inhale spores, which might lead to respiratory ailments.

5. The Best Way to Detect Mold: An Air Quality Test

Because mold is often unseen until it begins wreaking havoc, Dallas Mold Consultants use an air quality test for mold analysis in home and business environments. The process samples the concentration of mold spores in the air to identify hidden mold growth. The air quality test helps find where mold is growing and, following mold removal, whether it’s been eliminated.

Dallas Mold Consultants provides results of mold testing within 48 hours. If they find a problem, they provide a referral to a mold remediation company. Following removal, Dallas Mold Consultants conducts a final air quality test to certify that the property is mold-free.

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