When Is Mold Testing Necessary?

Mold can be a serious problem, but sometimes it’s hard to know when to request professional mold testing. The experts at Dallas Mold Consultants in Dallas, Texas, have some tips for home and business owners on when to consult with a mold professional. 

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When to Request Professional Mold Testing

#1: If there is a persistent musty odor.

Certain types of mold create a persistent, musty odor. Some people describe the smell of mold as a pungent and earthy smell, like wet socks or rotten wood. 

A mold testing company can determine if mold is present, even if the only evidence is a lingering smell. That said, not all types of mold have a smell, so it’s not the only indicator to watch out for. 

#2: There was a recent leak or other water damage in the space.

Mold grows and thrives in wet environments, and it can be found in many hidden places. After plumbing issues, water leaks, or any other kind of water damage, it is crucial to test for the presence of mold. 

#3: If anyone on the property is experiencing health issues that could be related to mold.

Exposure to dangerous mold can cause many serious health issues. This is especially true for people with allergies, asthma, or other respiratory afflictions.

According to the CDC, mold exposure can cause symptoms such as coughing, wheezing, fever, shortness of breath, itchy eyes, and more.

If anyone in the home or building is experiencing these kinds of symptoms, it’s a good idea to schedule a professional mold inspection to test the property and determine if mold is the cause.

Industrial and environmental hygienists can also conduct air quality tests to determine if there are harmful spores in the air causing these health problems.

#4: When considering an at-home mold testing kit.

When some people suspect mold, they rely on over-the-counter or DIY mold testing kits. Unfortunately, these are susceptible to misinterpretation and have proven extremely ineffective.

For starters, visible mold growth is necessary when using many of these at-home tests. If the mold is hidden and not visible, the test is useless. This is one reason professional mold testing services are necessary. They can uncover all types and levels of mold, including what isn’t visible yet.

Even with a properly conducted at-home test, it’s easy to misinterpret the results. Professionals are trained to interpret test results and determine the best course of action for mold removal.

#5: If the indoor environment is particularly humid.

High humidity is perhaps one of the biggest culprits behind mold growth. If a property or home shows signs of high humidity, such as condensation on the windows, a professional mold assessment should be scheduled.

#6: There is visible mold, and it may have spread.

If there is visible mold, schedule mold removal immediately. Mold often spreads unseen to other areas. It can be found under carpets, behind walls, and even in the air. Hiring a testing professional offers peace of mind knowing that all the mold, both the visible and invisible, will be effectively removed.

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